Only God knows

I promise you I will never break your trust and will always be by your side Sitting in the corner of my white walled room thinking of these words someone told me once and asked me to Trust.

You don’t deserve to be someone to think about but Why am I still judging everyone in my life by Your Lies!

Sometimes we have choice to choose next chapter of life to live and sometimes we are push to the next chapter with the life of previous chapter inside our souls!

I am living or dying by the end of this chapter only God knows!!

I trusted human’s words,saw those words break one by one,piece by piece right in front of my eyes,
Saw world shattered in front of me that was once life,
No one to blame,no one to confront,no one to ask why or because or that’s why!
Wandered on the sides, on the road ,on the middle of the ways,
Sat alone in the God’s lap,stood in the middle of the crowd to find the answers,
Change locations change ways to change the situations,
But Only God knows what’s my final destination!

I tried to live life the way you like,
Yes I did it and I did it by trusting your lies,
Now I forgot who I once was and I am wandering in circles without directions,
But Only God knows where and what is my Final destination!

I said I forgive you for broking me into pieces,
But I Tried to hold onto you while letting you go for your choices,
May be it’s the way it was supposed to be,
God Bless those souls that was once together a Life,
And Only Gods when and where this soul will rise!

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Published byRaman

Welcome to my world! I'm Raman, a passionate lover of life, proudly wearing the badge of a Leo 🦁 and a bibliophile with a never-ending love for books πŸ“š. I find my true contentment in the quiet embrace of introversion 🀍, often lost in the depths of thought πŸ’­ as an unapologetic overthinker. I also proudly identify as an anxiety warrior πŸ›‘οΈ, conquering my fears one step at a time. By day, I'm a dedicated developer πŸ‘©β€πŸ’», crafting digital solutions, and by night, I transform into a writer and storyteller ✍️, weaving words into captivating tales. Join me on this journey of self-discovery, creativity, and the pursuit of a balanced life. 🌟 #LifeLover #IntrovertedWriter #AnxietyWarrior

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