Only God knows

I promise you I will never break your trust and will always be by your side Sitting in the corner of my white walled room thinking of these words someone told me once and asked me to Trust.

You don’t deserve to be someone to think about but Why am I still judging everyone in my life by Your Lies!

Sometimes we have choice to choose next chapter of life to live and sometimes we are push to the next chapter with the life of previous chapter inside our souls!

I am living or dying by the end of this chapter only God knows!!

I trusted human’s words,saw those words break one by one,piece by piece right in front of my eyes,
Saw world shattered in front of me that was once life,
No one to blame,no one to confront,no one to ask why or because or that’s why!
Wandered on the sides, on the road ,on the middle of the ways,
Sat alone in the God’s lap,stood in the middle of the crowd to find the answers,
Change locations change ways to change the situations,
But Only God knows what’s my final destination!

I tried to live life the way you like,
Yes I did it and I did it by trusting your lies,
Now I forgot who I once was and I am wandering in circles without directions,
But Only God knows where and what is my Final destination!

I said I forgive you for broking me into pieces,
But I Tried to hold onto you while letting you go for your choices,
May be it’s the way it was supposed to be,
God Bless those souls that was once together a Life,
And Only Gods when and where this soul will rise!

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The Flying Rabbit!

This is story of a little Rabbit named Birdy who had dream of flying high up to the sky like an eagle.This is the story of believing in what others don't believe and the journey of never giving up on your dream no matter from where you are,who you are and what others say!

Once upon a time,far far away in the middle of the woods,there lived a little rabbit with hundred of her brothers and sisters along with father rabbit and mother rabbit in burrow.The little rabbit had two big ears double the size of the other rabbits.In the community of the rabbits in the woods,they called the little rabbit as Birdy because her ears were of size of the wings of bird.In the jungle where all the rabbits do the farming of carrots as they suppose to do,on the other hand, Birdy was always trying to find different ways to touch the sky.

Birdy’s father rabbit and mother rabbit on seeing her jumping from heights started having fear of loosing her,so they tried to convince her not to do so by saying flying is not what rabbits are born to do but Birdy do not know how to and when to stop.She believe in herself and continued trying.Other animals of the woods made fun of her by saying things like-“Look a Rabbit trying to be an Eagle!” but Birdy instead of answering them back with words she kept trying and trying.She believe in it inside that she can fly and that everything is possible.

One day when Birdy was wandering and jumping from the rocks trying to fly,the tiger saw her and thought that rabbit would make his delicious lunch.He jump over Birdy to attack her,Birdy saw him and ran as fast as she can.While running and running for her life,Birdy reached on the edge of the cliff.On one side,it was hungry tiger and on the other side it was trench. Birdy took a deep breathe and closed her eyes.She took leap of faith and jump from the cliff.

As Birdy was falling down in the river,on half of the way her big ears started moving.Her ears were moving like wings of bird and she starting coming upward. Birdy was flying.On seeing rabbit flying,the tiger got frightened and run back to the jungle.

Like Birdy,Believe in your Dreams and Trust Your Intuitions.99% of who you are is Invisible and Untouchable.Dare to believe in your own ideal.All powers is from within and therefore under our control.So break yourself free from your hereditary patterns,cultural codes,social beliefs,all limiting thoughts and prove once and for all that power within you is greater than power within the world.

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Be Kind To One Another!

Once upon a time in a small town,a girl lived with her mom and dad.Her mom and dad were teachers.One day when girl was coming back from school,she saw a 12 year old boy standing barefooted outside her house trying to see inside her house.She asked the boy,Is He Ok?And Why is he peeking inside her house? The boy replied,”My family is poor,we live outside under tents so we moved from place to place according to seasons and in between all of that I was never able to study even when I wanted to,so I came here everyday since last week to see children studying because that’s make me happy!”His answer blew her away and she decided to help him.She invited him to come inside and gave him shoes to wear.
The girl was in eighth grade.She pulled out all of her old books from the box and started teaching him.She started teaching him from very basics.All summer she taught him everyday after school.As the raining season was about to come,the boy and his family moved to another place after two month.She gave her old books to him so that he can continue to study.

The life is painful and if we keep becoming the victims of it’s pain and it’s suffering,we will never gonna get what it has ready to offer us.If the boy let his circumstances define his dreams and what he really wanted to have,then he would have never had it.That boy was hungry for education but there is someone around us or in our family who is unloved,unwanted,ignored or forgotten,there is Love-Love begins at Home and Love to be true as hurt.This is what she bring,Love One Another-The Great Love!
It’s not always about how much you have,It’s about what you do with what you all have.The most selfish thing you can do in this world is to help someone else because the gratification and good feeling that comes to you from bringing smile on someone else face or from helping someone-Nothing is better than that!Always be kind to one another.
The effect you have on one another is the most valuable currency in the world.Anything you want good,you can have it so claim it and work hard to get it.When you get it,reach back to hold someone else.

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I Love You And I Miss You My Friend!

Its been almost a year you have gone,I really miss you my best friend,Grandmother.You have known me from the first moment I got into this world.You are only friend I have in my childhood.You have always been with me through every difficult and happy moments-through victories and failures,through breakup and patch-ups.I am sorry I was not with you during last days of your life.I am sorry I have not shared with you what I was going through during last days of your life,but You knew in your heart what was going on and left me a letter.I am sorry I didn't got to say that I don't want you to worry about me more that's why I didn't say what was going on.I love you to the moon and back,You are my Best Friend and will always be...I miss you so much My Friend!

Feeling lost,staring at the sky and talking alone in here,
Are you listening to me out there?
I miss you every passing second in here!

You taught me to stand out of the crowd in here,
But now you have left me in here,
This is not fair,are you seeing or listening to me out there?
I want you to know that I miss you every passing second in here!

You were with me during every sad and happy moments coming by life in here,
But right now I really need you,
Are you listening to me out there?
I miss you every passing second here!

You taught me never to be ashamed of being myself no matter how harsh life gets here,
You taught me to stand up and put myself together to move forward when someone try to get me down here,
I need you and I miss you so much,are you listening to me out there?

I know there are many out there like me who have lost their close loved ones and can relate to my feelings and words.I want you to know that You are not alone!
I know its hard but try to put yourself together and stand up.Do good to someone or for someone,try to make someone smile and happy because your loved ones are seeing up there and they will never want to see you sitting with head down.

Home ยป Love