It's fair or not fair,that's the Question I every time ask to the Higher power! If The steering wheel of this bus is in your hand,why the passengers are divided into halves?

If everyone is equal on the cart,why everyone has not their own equal parts?
If everything is one,how come everyone not have everything?
If the one that live has to die,then why some has to die while they live before they die at last?
Why every morning some are on the seat,and some on the floor
Why every night some one is full and some are hollow
Why there is different in this your indifferent world?
Why that has it all see other as victim
If everyone is same or equal,how come i don’t feel like them
Why there is comparison while we all are same
They say be kind and love one another
How can i be kind if i am not able to love or feel the same

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The Flying Rabbit!

This is story of a little Rabbit named Birdy who had dream of flying high up to the sky like an eagle.This is the story of believing in what others don't believe and the journey of never giving up on your dream no matter from where you are,who you are and what others say!

Once upon a time,far far away in the middle of the woods,there lived a little rabbit with hundred of her brothers and sisters along with father rabbit and mother rabbit in burrow.The little rabbit had two big ears double the size of the other rabbits.In the community of the rabbits in the woods,they called the little rabbit as Birdy because her ears were of size of the wings of bird.In the jungle where all the rabbits do the farming of carrots as they suppose to do,on the other hand, Birdy was always trying to find different ways to touch the sky.

Birdy’s father rabbit and mother rabbit on seeing her jumping from heights started having fear of loosing her,so they tried to convince her not to do so by saying flying is not what rabbits are born to do but Birdy do not know how to and when to stop.She believe in herself and continued trying.Other animals of the woods made fun of her by saying things like-“Look a Rabbit trying to be an Eagle!” but Birdy instead of answering them back with words she kept trying and trying.She believe in it inside that she can fly and that everything is possible.

One day when Birdy was wandering and jumping from the rocks trying to fly,the tiger saw her and thought that rabbit would make his delicious lunch.He jump over Birdy to attack her,Birdy saw him and ran as fast as she can.While running and running for her life,Birdy reached on the edge of the cliff.On one side,it was hungry tiger and on the other side it was trench. Birdy took a deep breathe and closed her eyes.She took leap of faith and jump from the cliff.

As Birdy was falling down in the river,on half of the way her big ears started moving.Her ears were moving like wings of bird and she starting coming upward. Birdy was flying.On seeing rabbit flying,the tiger got frightened and run back to the jungle.

Like Birdy,Believe in your Dreams and Trust Your Intuitions.99% of who you are is Invisible and Untouchable.Dare to believe in your own ideal.All powers is from within and therefore under our control.So break yourself free from your hereditary patterns,cultural codes,social beliefs,all limiting thoughts and prove once and for all that power within you is greater than power within the world.

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The Caterpillar Will Learn And Fly!

Yesterday While Caterpillar was eating and crawling on the leaves,
Yesterday While The Caterpillar was in its growing phase,
With All the faults and in the weirdest shapes,
No matter the woods are trying to push it back from its fate,
The Caterpillar Have To Learn and Fly Tomorrow When The Sun Will Awake!

The Birds were and will run after the caterpillar to take its taste,
The Grasshoppers will pull it down to take its place,
But When Every living-being In The Woods will become against its thinking state,
Its the time when the caterpillar will learn and fly because it is in it’s fate!

While the Caterpillar is moving higher to reach its state,
The wind and the every matter in the air will try to strike it down from it’s place,
The caterpillar will eventually fall and have it’s courage broken but it will Dilate,
And fly up to the sky beyond it’s range!

Caterpillar will get lost in the dark woods,
It will shake when its time to take its first flight above the woods,
It will become laugh for all living-beings of the woods,
But in the end,The Caterpillar Have To Learn And Fly High Over The Woods!

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What If Stars Answer Me Back!

The nights I spend sharing my secrets with you all, The time that I forget is running forward while I am talking to you all, I wonder what will happen Or what if someday you can answer me back in our one-sided talk!

But It’s good you cannot talk, Because you are the ones I have,
Who let me speak And listen to how I feel and what are my thoughts!

But sometimes I need your advice,
Because some days I feel lost
And forget where is my path,
That time I wish What If you can talk,
And head me back towards Life before I get lost!

You see my scars inside out,
I can be myself while talking to you all,
Seeing my darkest scars and hearing my ugliest secrets,
You always show up to hear my next part!
But sometimes I wonder what if,
You can answer me back while our one-sided talk!

Sometimes I feel like there is no tomorrow anymore,
And there is no one standing on the other side of the door,
Then your light in the dark make me Alive
And push me to fight back my inner demons
That are holding me back in the darkest hours!

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The Small Tree In The Middle Of Ocean!

This is the story about a small tree,the tree who was standing solely in the middle of the ocean.It felt miserable and helpless due to its loneliness and always wished for someone to stand beside it,That never happened but This small tree ends up becoming "The Wonder Of The World" and eventually people world-wide swim across the ocean to be able to stand along it.

Once upon a time far far away,in the middle of the ocean there grows a small tree.As this tree was having no one else present around while growing up,it felt sad and lonely.Every season-Either Spring or Winter or Summer or Autumn or Rainy,it never had anyone to share these seasons with.Whenever storm came,it stand it out beside oneself shaking while seeing other trees on the other side of the ocean holding branches of each other.It always wished for someone to take out and came along but that never happened.
During spring season,when all the trees on the other side of the ocean were full of joy,smiling and embracing each other,this tree felt very miserable and helpless.Gradually all the seasons began to seem same to it whether its winter-storms or spring because in all the seasons it was standing holding oneself.
Years passed the small tree grows up,it faced every storm came by and one morning,One Biologist happened to came over the ocean who was testing the fertility of soil in the woods.He was stunned by seeing this tree.He wondered how could even is it possible that there is only one tree moreover alive standing in the middle of the ocean instead of storms.That tree became a wonder for everyone around the world.Now people around the world came to see it and swim across the ocean to be able to stand along it.
The biologist himself came to the ocean every weekend to take look over the wealth of the tree and its roots and branches.The biologist always make sure that the tree’s growth will not be affected by storms.The small tree is not only getting one but all people to stand beside it.

If you are in the dark times right now away from the world,it is the season of your greatest growth and it’s the time of being productive in a different way-where you can not only produce in the world but within yourself,shifting from fear to Love and you can grow strength and love.The power and the force that is discovered in this time is the undefeatable!
The first thing to recognize is that what is happening to you is not a punishment,Its actually an opportunity.If you are victim of your pain,Use Your Pain…Please trust that it is leading you to something greater.Use your pain as an instrument to grow strength in you so embrace it…embrace you pain!
Believe me the tough times never gonna last…clouds will lift,right there is sunlight above the clouds…you are just looking at the clouds right now.The clouds will lift,the dark times has come to move you to the next level-The next chapter of your greatest life.

Please Remember that You Are Built To Shine,Greater Things Are Coming On Your Way.The Darkness Will Pass And You Are Meant To Fly! In The End,Everything Will Be Okay And If It’s Not Okay,It’s Not The End!

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Be Kind To One Another!

Once upon a time in a small town,a girl lived with her mom and dad.Her mom and dad were teachers.One day when girl was coming back from school,she saw a 12 year old boy standing barefooted outside her house trying to see inside her house.She asked the boy,Is He Ok?And Why is he peeking inside her house? The boy replied,”My family is poor,we live outside under tents so we moved from place to place according to seasons and in between all of that I was never able to study even when I wanted to,so I came here everyday since last week to see children studying because that’s make me happy!”His answer blew her away and she decided to help him.She invited him to come inside and gave him shoes to wear.
The girl was in eighth grade.She pulled out all of her old books from the box and started teaching him.She started teaching him from very basics.All summer she taught him everyday after school.As the raining season was about to come,the boy and his family moved to another place after two month.She gave her old books to him so that he can continue to study.

The life is painful and if we keep becoming the victims of it’s pain and it’s suffering,we will never gonna get what it has ready to offer us.If the boy let his circumstances define his dreams and what he really wanted to have,then he would have never had it.That boy was hungry for education but there is someone around us or in our family who is unloved,unwanted,ignored or forgotten,there is Love-Love begins at Home and Love to be true as hurt.This is what she bring,Love One Another-The Great Love!
It’s not always about how much you have,It’s about what you do with what you all have.The most selfish thing you can do in this world is to help someone else because the gratification and good feeling that comes to you from bringing smile on someone else face or from helping someone-Nothing is better than that!Always be kind to one another.
The effect you have on one another is the most valuable currency in the world.Anything you want good,you can have it so claim it and work hard to get it.When you get it,reach back to hold someone else.

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Social Media-More Attention You Got,The More You Feel Lonely And Lost!

Ask Yourself...What are you Chasing?Posting Pictures...Waiting for Likes,Messages or Comment Notifications...?If that's what you are chasing...Please Stop because you don't need others like to like yourself more,so just shut down those invisible doors.Your happiness does not depend on someone's fingertips and you don't need others validations for what you should do or wore.

Photographs were used to take to keep memories, but now it’s nothing but just a kind of disturbance and uncertainties. People don’t talk in reality, the way they are talking sitting on the other side of the wall, it’s just hard to predict the limit of fakeness possibilities! You want to feel love in real, but phones are always on your faces waiting for notifications. Telling fake stories, putting filters to make yourself look good, trying to be significant totally fooling themselves to look good. Stop living in the false world where being significant is more important than love.

Always filtering this or that for being significant which does not even matter because all that matter is what you have got in you,who you really are!
Smartness was used to define by intelligence,but now it’s define by photograph’s fakeness!And Beauty was defined by beauty of heart but now it is defined by the rating of beauty-pic apps!

Please do not lose your real self in this so called technology advancements.Believe me,You are perfect and beautiful in the way you are made and God does not make you to be someone else.
People are saying follow me or follow him or her which do not matter because number of followers do not decide your entire social behaviour graphs.
The girl on the magazine does not even look like the girl in the magazine so don’t even bother about what others think and their judgmental advices. Because they don’t care and they gonna judge according to their mental structure.So please don’t capture the moment and post it for others validations,live the moment and feel the happiness and love you deserve!

And for God’s sake Let’s just be human and have some humanity for one another.
The way you are now is beautiful and know that you are perfect in the way you are made.Once you finally acknowledge that you are enough,beautiful,gifted and special and made it the image of that higher place about yourself in mind,I promise you that you gonna be very very happy.All your confidence,All your happiness and all the things you wanna achieve in life come to you when you understand that you have everything within you to make your dreams happen!

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Be Strong-You Are Diamond In The Rough !

We all are facing highs and lows in our life and sometimes we feel so much under the ground and say,' I am not good enough to do it or I can't do it!' But before ending that myself conversation there, I want you to know that

"You are a Diamond In The Rough! You Can Do It and You Will Do It, but for that No Matter What Stay On The Track!"

Who says you are not beautiful,
Who says you cannot be loved,
Who says you are not good enough,
And who says you cannot be tough,
You are a Diamond In The Rough like Lotus in the mud!

Who says you are not smart enough,
Who says you are a soaked puppy in the rain,
Who says you cannot put smile on anyone face,
Let me tell you that ‘You are a Diamond In The Rough!’

Who says you cannot change  the world,
Who says you cannot do it,
Who says you are a lonely and an unfortunate soul,
I want you to know that You are a Diamond In The Rough!

Who says you deserve this pain what happens to you and in condition you are,
Who says you cannot deserve better life,
Believe me,You are a Diamond In The Rough!

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The Yellow Flower!

A yellow flower blossom in the middle of garden of beautiful red flowers.It faced lot of harshness and negativity while growing up because of its yellow color and for being different from others.This story is about "The Yellow Flower" journey from being lonely and sad to Wise and Happy!

Once upon a time,there was a garden of beautiful red flowers.Every morning,every flower shines as the shiny ray of sunlight falls on them.The flowers in the garden are very beautiful and people wanted to bring those flowers with them for their loved ones.One day,a flower blossom in the middle of beautiful red flowers and this flower appears to be yellow instead of red.

The flowers around the yellow flower don’t want to be grown around it because it is different from them,they fear that they will turn into yellow if they will be around it so the yellow flower always felt lonely,sad and never have any friend.

Everyday,People come to garden and take beautiful red flowers with them to give them to their loved ones.No one ever took yellow flower.Merely two or three people seems happy to see the yellow flower thinking its different and every time seeing them coming,the yellow flower shines with happiness and with tears of joy.But on the last step when they see the yellow petals,they always turn back saying excuses whatever comes to their mind on the spot.

The yellow flower has mother and father who are also red flowers like others.Its mother and father always support it and say,”You are beautiful and special as the way you are!”The yellow flower loved its parents very much so it never told its parents how other red flowers behaved towards her and say harsh and mean things to her because the yellow flower does not want her parents to worry for her.

Sometimes the yellow flower tried to pour lots of water on itself thinking its yellow color may be fade away and its color may turn red and it may feel normal like others,but that never happened.

As the time passes,yellow flower grows up and started accepting the things as they are and also started appreciating its own beauty.

The yellow flower has now become so strong from everyone’s rejection that it learns to respect everyone’s feeling around her because yellow flower now knows how it feels when someone say harsh things and hurt you.

The yellow flower grows as a kind and loving flower.The yellow flower always tries to keep everyone happy and to bring smile on everyone’s face.

The yellow flower has now started feeling happy on little things happens in its life.The yellow flower thanks God everyday for giving life and bestest parents.With time,the yellow flower seems to have patience and faith everything it believed.

One day morning,the yellow flower was recognized by flower specialist and he falls in love with yellow flower’s beauty and its being different quality.The flower specialist was so moved by yellow flower’s beauty that he took it with himself and watered it everyday so that the yellow flower always glows and shine.The yellow flower then always stays happy ever after.

Like yellow flower,we should always have faith in what we believe because-
“The only light upon future in faith!”Always believe in yourself that one day its going to be okay!

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